Read This before entering my site.


This site is intended for all who want to compare ideas and to share information on healing methods, rites performed, plants, herbs and crafting.

If I see, read or am told, and it is verified, that anyone here defamed another due to their religious preferences, sexual orientation, political affiliations, race or cultural background


If anyone is caught trying to convert another to their church, temple, coven or group by any form of coercion, guilt trips, fear tactics, ostracism or any other form of rude behavior, I will block you permanently from my site.

I have seen many great sites go by the way side and lose peoples business and/or membership by the actions of a few.

I will not tolerate this here, in any form.

So keep this in mind

Above all else remember that this is my site.

I pay for it, so I make the rules here.

Keep a civil tongue, if you post here or send comments in.

Honor the diversity of others and if you can not then keep it to yourself.

Tack goes a long way so think before you post and there is no spamming allowed.

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