How I See Spirit

1.) Spirit is the essence found in ALL things, be they animate or inanimate, of natural sources or man made.

2.) That essence is pure energy.

3.) Energy, on a molecular level are the atoms, protons, neutrons etc.

4.) Every thing is made up from these, there are no exceptions.

5.) So everything has spirit.

These are the facts "for me". You are welcome to disagree with me, after all, this is only my perception, yours may not be the same.

Some may say that we are separate and beneath everything or in total subjugation to some Great and Mysterious God and that we are at his or her mercy.

Others may say that we are above all in the universe, the masters of it all and that we are supposed to subjugate everything we see because we are the elite.

Ah, but sometimes you hear that we are a part of it all. We are like a puzzle piece that fits the picture exactly. It is what makes the picture whole. Each piece is like that though, not the best or just filler, because if you remove it, the picture is lacking something.

Well that is how I see all things in my world. Everything has a place. Not above or below, not better or worse, but a part of the whole picture. I am a part of the whole picture and so are you and so is everything around us.

Thinking like that has changed the way I treat things and people around me and it adds a beauty to that total picture for me that was not there before I found this truth for myself. Each piece fits, it has a place and it makes the picture a wonderful symphony of color and lights and energy because it does all fit together. The really cool thing is that if the picture were to change into another shape or dimension we would shift also. so this is not about predestination or fate it is about simply belonging.

This area is open to sharing your views on how you see things as long as you remember that this is a place for learning, not forcing other to one personal view. I welcome e-mails and discussions on this subject, because that is one of the ways that I and many others expand our knowledge and learn, by open honest discussion with others.

If you wish to share ideas and philosophies, I would love to hear from you.

If you disagree with my point of view and you feel the need to straighten me out (smile) or set me on the right path, well you may try as long as you are courteous and respectful. I would love to talk to you too.

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If you feel the need to be abusive or rude, then please find another avenue to vent your angers and opinions. This area is open for discussion and a sharing of ideas and ways. I came in peace and we ask that you do the same.

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