Welcome to Froggy's website... There are few people who cross our path in life that change our destiny or set fate on the right path... Froggy was one of mine.

A friend introduced us when Froggy was 6 months pregnant with her last child. Having a love for the look and aroma of a woman with child I was immediately drawn to her.

Billy Rule number 3. "Never mess with a married woman", kept me from seducing her. You can flirt, tease, joke, even pat one on the ass, but nothing that might involve removing clothing, she was alone but she was still a "married woman".

Over the next few months we became friends. After her divorce we became lovers and for the next forty, yes 40 years she took me on the most grand adventure, as my Friend and Lover, that any man could hope for.

In 2016 she passed away, off on yet another adventure... I am leaving her site up because it meant so much to her. Enjoy yourself and I hope you can learn from the things she wished to share with everyone....

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