Healing Concepts

In this area I hope to cover a wide range of methods for healing.

Hopefully it will grow as people share their own personal practices in healing.

If you are a healer and you wish to share your methods,
please write to us with the information you wish to see posted here.
You can send it as an e-mail, in text format and we will put it up on this site as soon as we can.

Please remember that it will go up exactly as you wrote it, so as not lose any of your nuances, Please be sure to spell check your writing and sign your name as you want to see it here.

The ideas behind these pages are to inform and educate others in the varied ways and healing practices worldwide.

There is so much more out there.

The western form of medicine is only one of the ways that can be utilized for healing purposes.

This information is not meant to displace western medicine but rather to add to your choices of how you might approach and illness, disease or injury.
Energy Healing
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