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"Elemental Wands"

Sent to me by A. Hawk (author unknown)

Wand of Air

Cut an 18inch Lilac branch. Slowly shave only the bark off be sure not to remove the wood. Make sure the branch is green. Holding the wand with your thumbs, light incense under it, and let the smoke touch it. As the incense burns, chant: "Spirit of Air, maker of wind. Bless this wand to channel your

strength through."

Wand of Fire

Cut an 18-inch Cherry branch. Slowly shave only the bark off, no wood. Make sure the branch is green (red). Resting the wand on your thumbs, light a candle under it, Push wand in and out of the flames while chanting: "Spirit of Fire, maker of destruction. Bless this wand to channel your strength through."

Wand of Earth

Cut an 18-inch Dog Wood (or Oak) branch. Slowly shave only the bark off, no wood. Make sure the branch is green. Resting the wand on your thumbs, slowly sprinkle dirt/earth over it while chanting: "Spirit of Earth, maker of Mountain. Bless this wand to channel your strength through."

Wand of Water

Cut an 18-inch Willow (or Drift Wood) branch. Slowly shave only the bark off, no wood (Don't shave drift wood). Make sure the branch is green (Not necessary for drift wood). Resting the wand on your thumbs, slowly sprinkle water over it while chanting: "Spirit of Water, maker of sea. Bless this wand to channel your strength



Sleep and Dream Pillows and Sleep Bags

Some of the older recipes come from Herbs and Things by Rose

Sleep and dream pillows have been used for centuries and by many cultures.  Some of these recipes come from the 16th century. When I use the term bag, I mean a small muslin, cotton, linen or flannel bag that breathes. You can also use any other type of cloth that breathes and will let the scents waft through. If you keep the small bags in a jar in between uses it will last longer.

A Sleep Bag To Put Into Your Pillow:
To cause one to sleep use: Dried rose leaves that you have kept tightly closed in a jar to keep them sweet smelling. Dried mint kept the same way. Use both in Equal parts. Add to this a pinch of crushed cloves.  Put in a cloth bag and slip it into your pillow*

For Melancholy:
Dried rose petals or buds (3 ounces). Dried mint (1 ounce). 1/4 ounce crushed cloves.  Put in a cloth bag and slip it into your pillow*

To Rekindle One's Energies During The Night:
Dried rose petals or rose buds (2 ounces). Dried mint (1 ounce). 1/4 ounce crushed cloves. 1 1/2 oz. Rosemary. Put in a cloth bag and slip it into your pillow*

A Sedative For Sleep:
Hops will promote sleep because of the substance called lupulin found in the hops, which acts as a natural sedative. To mask the scent of hops, which some find unpleasant, use lemon verbena or lavender. Use one part hops to two parts of your chosen herb.

For Headaches:
Lavender by it's self is used for headache relief, but it's strong scent can cause some people not sleep. But a small amount placed in a cloth bag can ease the pain*

To Keep From Dreaming:
Anise seed wrapped in a handkerchief, bound in a little bag is said to keep one from dreaming and starting in their sleep. It will cause you to sleep well*

Dream Pillows:

Most dream pillows are made from flannel or a very soft breathable cloth since they are what you will lay your head upon.

Dream pillows are usually made in layers. One piece of cloth with herbs laid out on it then another piece of cloth with the herbs laid a top of it and so on.

There is no hard fast rules for how thick they should be or what herbs you can use.

Some people like to use cotton as filling in between the cloth and rather than dried herbs they use essential oils. (A few drops only per layer) since it is easier and sometimes more comfortable for the user.

I would suggest that after a few layers you put your face close to the pillow to test the scent.

I also recommend that when using a dream pillow or giving one to some one else that you inquire about allergies. It could be really upsetting to go hunting for dreams or visions only to awake in the morning with a head full of secretions and sneezing to beat the band.

Most dream pillows use about 8 ounces of whole herb per pillow. If you crush the dried herbs you can use less.

See the list of herbs for magical purposes below. Feel free to mix and match and create your own mixtures. Like all workings, be they dream, healing, vision seeking or some other path, each persons workings will become influenced and molded to the individuals personality and thinking. Which is how it should be.

Dream Herbs

Some of the herbs named below are mixed with Mugwort to create specific dreams.

Since scents produce memories and emotions associated with those memories, there are many avenues that you can try. Rather than follow my way or use a recipe out of a book, use what is in your culture or path.  Mix and match them to see which herbs are the most effective for you and in which areas. I also suggest keeping a dream journal.


Allergic reactions to plants should to be cross-referenced and considered very carefully when putting together these pillows.


Just because it is herbal or natural does not mean that it is good for you or will react well with your body.


So please check out the list of herbs for your own safety before using any of them.


Read through this list and see which herbs magically effect dreams and enjoy.


Is said to aid psychic powers, meditation, and psychic awareness. It is used for visions and prophetic dreams.

Uses crushed leaves for aid in meditation, divination and visions.

It is said to entice spirits to aid in spells or workings. It is also used for divination and psychic awareness. In a dream pillow it is used to ward off nightmares.

In dream pillows, fresh ash leaves are used to stimulate psychic dreams and prosperity.

Used in a dream pillow it is said to give inspiration and visions.

Used in a dream pillow it is said to get rid of nightmares.

Used in a dream pillow it is said to help induce clairvoyant dreams.

CAMPHOR (Non synthetic crystals only)
It is used for divination, prophetic dreams, and psychic awareness.

It is use for Health, Healing, Happiness, Banishing, Releasing, Protection, Harmony and Peace.

Is used for Meditation, Defense, Divination, Protection, Purification, Healing, Health, Astral Projection and Love.

It is used for Divination, Banishing, Releasing, Inspiration, and Purification and to ward negative thoughts.

A pinch of Dragon's blood added to other herb increases their potency and power.

It is said that the flowers are used in wish fulfillment.

It is used for purification and protection.

FLAX  (seed)
It is said that the seeds can be included in blends for Protection, Healing, and Psychic Awareness.

It is said that this flower can aid in Psychic Awareness.
(The dried flower is scattered around a room to induce peaceful feelings).

Is used for Protection, Inspiration, Defense, Fertility and Wishes.

Purple Heather is used for spiritual development.

is said to be good for Creativity, Prophetic Dreams, Psychic Awareness, Divination, Clairvoyance and Balance.

JASMINE  (Symbolic of the moon and of the mysteries of the night).
The Dried flowers are said to cause prophetic dreams. In dream pillows they are used to aid meditation and astral projection as well as to help induce sleep,

Is said to bring peace, joy and healing. The essential oil is included in health and conscious mind potions.

The essential oil is used in strengthening psychic awareness.

Restores harmony and brings peace.

In a dream pillow it encourages prophetic dreams.

Can be used for Psychic Awareness

In a dream pillow mistletoe gives restful sleep and beautiful dreams.

Is used for scrying and divination and to aid in psychic workings. It is said to aid in achieving astral projection.

A potent safeguard against evil spirits and magic. It is also used to banish negativity.

lifts vibrations, aids contemplation and meditation and creates peace.

 Is used for psychic awareness, clairvoyance, divination and meditation.

Use the Peels in incense for divination, balance, healing, harmony, peace and Psychic awareness.

Is used for Healing, Changes, Psychic Awareness and Purification.

Rose petals calm personal stress.

Happiness, Healing, Psychic Awareness and Strength.

Sage absorbs negativity. It drives away disturbances and tensions.

Its beads are protective and promote a spiritual awareness. The scent opens the highest spiritual centers.

Used in a dream pillow for protection.

The seeds are said to increase psychic powers.

Used in dream pillows to promote deep rest.

The scent of wormwood is said to increase psychic powers, to aid in evocations, divination, scrying and prophecy.
If you know of other herbs for simple and basic magical use and you would like to share the information,  e-mail us......

If you have a copywrited source please include the copywrite information with it. If they are from your personal workings please include that information also.

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